PMBC Senior Shout Out

Saturday, July 22, 2006


this post will be one that is appropriate for many years to come:


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

the albino cockroach


THIS IS OFFICIALLY THE LAST EVER POST TO GO ON THE PMBC SENIORS WEB BLOG SITE!!!!! (the title is albino cockroach because the albino cockroach is one of the rarest animals in the world, and hence this is a rare and special occasion: the last ever published blog on this site.)

I (T) Have had the joy and privilege of starting this exquisite site in the recent past with a good compadre of mine, Adam Baird. We decided to begin this site in order to let the pmbc seniors give shout outs, hollas, and other non-sense sayings that we seniors say whenever a good or random thought pops in our head. However, we are no longer seniors, nope, we all are "slim pickens" now = freshmen. --with this being said, the creation of PMBC seniors has created many chuckles, frowns, sighs, and yes even blank stares have come from the faces of the the readers and writers of this site. Its all been good fun though. One last shout out to my boys though: What up: B SOK, BAIRD MAN, NICTORIOUS, and N COOPS... let's go get em boys!
Since this is the last blog ever on the site, it is only appropriate that I issue a specific Goofy, and spiritual challenge to each of you my homies: (The spiritual challenge is first, then the funny message is second.)
NICK BRADEN ---- Grow in your walk by glorfying God in all you do. Rise to be the man God has called you to be and get all of your strength from Christ and the power of his cross! Fulfill your call to the ministry and never be afraid to preach straight up gospel, none of that watered down weak stuff, cause wit Chirst whom shall you fear? * PS: Resist the temptation to add new piercings to your body in college, in fact vow to only get a new piercing only after you have memorized 7 new scripture verses for each new piercing. What a witness that would be. And Don't forget son: always take out that grill before you get in the pulpit! and one more for good luck: remember this, no I mean always keep this at the front of your mind: YOU ARE NOT BLACK!!!

B SOK---- Set an example to other believers in your speech and actions. (people look up to you, not only cause your six foot somethin, but they will look up to you cause of your walk with the savior.) Learn to love God's word and have a passion not just to read it, but let it change you each and everyday. And like Nic, Fulfill you call the ministry and look to please no one except your heavenly father, who cares what the world says as long as the G O D is happy right? *PS: Its about time you rise above the "toothpick" status you have been labled with. (Come back SWOLE from college bro!) And if you ever go back to cedar point, remember to leave extra car keys at Home!) one last thing: don't ever let your "sok squint" keep you from attaining your dreams!!!

N COOPS--- Develop a commitment to being a prayer warrior and a missions minded follower of christ. Continually let Jesus shape your life from the inside out and never take for granted the personal times of devotion you have with the Lord. Grow so much that others can't help but notice you have something they don't, make other people ask you about why your life is so different, then tell em' the good news. *PS: CUT YOUR HAIR!!!! also, don't ever let anyone see you in your wrestling leotard EVER!!! (save that outfit for the honeymoon brosef) and lastly to keep the laughs going, i want to put an end to the rumor that: You have been Gay with the other janitor at church, that is sooo not true.

BAIRD MAN ---- Adam cotinue to find the Lord's will for your life. Also learn to use your spiritual gifts for Gods kingdom and amazing things will happen. Keep Christ ever on your mind and let him control your thoughts and desires. Grow in your passion for his Word and like N Coops, become a prayer warrior. ( we all haven't even come close to recognizing the power of prayer) Remember the prayer of a richteous man is powerful and effective. The righteous part will come with daily spending time with christ. Just jump in and hang on, cause the Kingdom of God is filled with crazy goodness. *PS: Don't BE SO POLITE (weak) ALL THE TIME KID, just get mean on somebody one time. Stop wearing khakis with a crease and no wrinkles with your collard polo short sleeve shirts, you could become a Tim Morrison if you don't watch out. STAY OUT PAST YOUR BEDTIME, and one last thing: Who cares if you are late to somethin man, just come anyway, it won't hurt your rep.

WELL HOMIES, this has all been in good fun. (don't take the *PS notes too seriously. believe me, it was hard to come up with stuff for you guys. You all are growing to be great Godly men you each have so much potential through what the Lord can do through you. the spiritual stuff was serious, but don't take offense to the other stuff. Just keep growing like weeds for the Lord. I love you guys and I can't wait to grow with ya... College will be fun, but also hard work, so I guess all I can say is let's get it done!!!!
here is one last quote that could change your lives if you let it:
Tomorrow's character is made of today's thoughts... Temptation may come suddenly, but sin doesn't...

i'm out fam -----> T <><

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Moving On...In More Ways Than One

Ok so no one is going to post anything so I guess I will (this is like asking a class who will pray. Highschool is over once and for all, and to let everyone know...I'm not sad, not one bit. For some reason I feel ready to follow again. The endless cycle of life, of being top dogs and then becoming the peasants all over again. College will be different though. No more kids who are forced to come to church by their parents but people who want to worship God for who he is. It was a joy being a leader in the youth group (to those who were willing to be led and discipled) but I'm ready to be a follower again. Looking back I can see all the kids who will become great spiritual role models later in life but I also see the ratio of kids who will 'dropout' of God's schooling and do nothing for the kingdom. It's rather saddening, I'm looking forward to see what this upcoming senior class will do, especially the girls. They are the most spiritually sound group of females I have ever met and our youth group needs them terribly. Goodluck whatever you all do but remember the great commission and do not stray for the mission.

Tim is also leaving and though it is a sad time we must keep moving on. I remember when Stan left, everyone was sad...for a really long time. It made it almost impossible to do anything for God because everytime we came to church we would say 'I wish Stan was here'. Tim could not lead because no one trusted him, student leadership was formed and we didn't trust ourselves. I advise you all, let Tim go, do not compare the next youth minister to him or Stan or Scott, for it will tear the ministry apart. Do not get mad when things are changed. This seems to be a stereotype for Baptists, and it makes things nearly impossible to do. It's like a school teacher with plans, a new teacher comes and along with it comes new ways of teaching. With each new president a few changes are made. In God's kingdom it's a little different. God is bringing a new minister to porter to change things that need changing. Help God in accomplishing this task as quickly as possible so that his will shall be done.

P.S. To fulfill Adams request, I'll be going to UK to study civil engineering.

In Christ~Nick

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Lightning Round

I made changes to my last post by popular demand. The way the article was interpreted was not what I had in mind. I just put it there to give the example of how I was given the opportunity to give Him honor. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Next topic. No one probably gives a flying rip, but I'll soon be choosing where I'll be going to college. It'll be posted here first with a full explanation.

Next topic. For those who are going on Spring Break: lets get ready to grow in our friendship, but more importantly in our relationships with God. Let's start preparing ourselves now so that we can really encounter God next week. For those not going on the trip please pray for us. Pray for our safe travel there and back. And also that we will join together in a passion to glorify God.

I know this was kinda random but hope you enjoyed it.

-b. sok

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


hmmm.... I seriously spent about 5 minutes thinking of something profound to say. (no joke) Still, after sittin here, all I could think about though was: Christ should always be our focus not some catchy phrase etc. the fact is --- nothing I'm gonna say will be something new that a christian should follow. God has already shown us how to live and what to do. The cool part of it is: He's given us every tool we need to live a life to Him right now. Let's use those tools. My prayer is simply that I'll grow. I wanna grow, just like so many great christians around me. When I look at their lives I see Christ. Then I realize that to grow as a Christian is not a crazy formula or difficult puzzle. ----- I can tell that they all fear God. and to fear God is to HATE sin. I'm learning to hate sin right now. So I guess I'm writing this to help y'all grow too. So do you hate sin? just a thought. I now know that every action or thought or word or anything in my life will always fit into two categories. Either it is pleasing to Him (and lifts him up) or it is agaist God. I'm hoping this brief little blog fits into that first category. , well I better shut up before I start driftin into category two.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Hey everybody, I finally got a blog site its check it out and give me some feedback (tell me if it's bad or not)

~Nick C.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Broken aka Blessed

I came down the court and pull up for a jump shot and bank it in. I'm not sure if it happened cause I didn't call my shot or what, but while going after a loose ball the next play I broke my left hand. It was a freak accident cause I'm really not sure how it happened but it did and I was devistated. "Well you broke it," were the exact words of the doctor as I learned that my senior season would be cut short by 4-6 weeks while it healed. Day after day I had to sit and watch as my team practiced and played. Torture doesn't explain what i had to go through emotionally and spiritually. Due to the nature and occurance of the break I knew that God wanted to tell me something but I just didn't hear him before. "Gut check", "reality check", or "cup check" what ever you wanna call it, He had a reason.
"We were so utterly burdened beyond our strength that we despaired of life itself. Indeed, we felt that we had received the sentence of death. But that was to make us rely not on ourselves but on God who raises the dead."
- 2 Corinthians 1:8-9

Let that marinate in your soul for a while... We as Christians go through hard times not in vain. Turmoil should be looked in the attitude that God is "schooling" us. He's teaching us to rely on him. I didn't break my hand in a "Freak" accident but in a "God" accident, as Taylor calls it. God used it to remind me that I can do nothing of myself. It was with that mentality that I returned to playing with 2 weeks left in the season. Against Henry Clay on senior night. That was emotional not just because it was my last game at Dunbar but I came to the realization that God has truly blessed me.

Going into the 43rd District Tournament everyone assumed that Lafayette was going to blow us out and face Catholic in the Championship game. It was my prayer that before the game that I would have the oppurtunity to glorify Christ on the court, and of course He delivered.
Always remember that whenever God works in your life it might see hard then, but he'll always bless you 10 fold, either on this earth or in heaven. Let my experiences serve as a lesson. Don't look at this and brush it off, let it soak up in your bones and influence how you approach not only basketball but anything life throws at you.
-b. sok